Tilt and Turn Window Fittings throughout Southampton and the Surrounding Areas

Want to let some fresh air into your home? At Itchen Glass & Glazing, we install high-quality tilt-and-turn windows using Liniar products. Available throughout Southampton, Hampshire, and the surrounding areas, these window installations enable larger openings than casement windows. Suitable for both high- and low-rise applications, our tilt-and-turn windows offer improved thermal performance, security, and ventilation. We offer both “tilt before turn” and “turn before tilt” options to suit your needs. Get in touch today to enquire about bespoke window fittings.

Benefits of Tilt-and-Turn Windows

Made in Britain – All Liniar tilt-and-turn windows are manufactured in Britain, using 100% lead-free PVC to create eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Modern Design – Unlike older profiles, these technically advanced tilt-and-turn windows use the latest technology to meet today’s challenges.

High Security Standards – With standard or high-security fittings to choose from, the multi-functional design of these windows enables you to “tilt” the window on a 90° angle, increasing ventilation without releasing the locking mechanism.

Keeping the Heat Inside – More thermally efficient than conventional uPVC window profiles, our windows use the latest multi-chambered profile to help your property retain heat.

Weather-Proof – Liniar’s distinctive patented double-action bubble gasket maintains a continuous seal, which eliminates leaks and draughts and keeps your windows weather-proof.

Versatile Configurations – Choose between 28mm double or triple glazing, internal or external beading, and a chamfered (bevelled) or sculptured (curved) profile to suit your property.

Unique Profiles

With a unique, multi-chambered uPVC profile, it’s never been easier to stay comfortable in your home. Our window design captures A+ standards of thermal efficiency, saving you further costs on your energy bill. Furthermore, this European-inspired design enables you to let in fresh air while maintaining security and easily clean windows while in the “turn” position.

High-Quality Products

Liniar’s entire range of products is created and produced at its purpose-built facilities in the Midlands. Our window manufacturers source these products from Liniar and then build all windows to meet the customer’s specifications. Once the frame is complete, we install either double or triple glazing, depending on your needs, and install your new windows at your home.

Window Colours and Finishes

Our tilt-and-turn windows come in a variety of colours and finishes, including:


  • White

  • Cream and Cream Foil

  • 7016 Woodgrain

  • Gale Grey Finesse

  • Black Brown

  • Irish Oak

  • Golden Oak

  • Rosewood

Three Extended

  • Sculptured

  • Chamfered

Please note that colours and substrates are subject to change and other colours are available with longer lead times – get in touch with our team today for more information or take a closer look at Liniar’s website: https://www.liniar.co.uk/.

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Enhancing Ventilation in Your Home

Tilt-and-turn window installations enable wider openings, without forsaking security or efficiency.

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