Traditional Victorian Conservatories throughout Southampton and the Surrounding Areas

Ready to add a conservatory extension to your property? One of the most popular conservatory styles is the Victorian conservatory, known for its traditional aesthetics and modern versatility. Liniar’s conservatories utilise industry-leading design and manufacturing in all their conservatories, and Itchen Glass & Glazing provides first-class customisation and installation for customers throughout Southampton, Hampshire, and the surrounding areas. Contact our conservatory fitters today for further details.

About Victorian Conservatories

Created in the 19th century, the Victorian conservatory style is characterised by elaborate details to complement the period buildings of the time. This style first became popular due to a trend of growing exotic plants and foliage at home, and the multi-faceted design of conservatories helped to keep plants alive during the cold winter months.

Still a very popular style today, it consists of a bay front, a steeply pitched roof, and ornate ridge details. With either a three- or five-faceted front window, this conservatory adds traditional elegance to any home, whether it’s a new build or a period property.

Victorian conservatories are attractive and versatile, making them ideal for uses such as:


  • Kitchen Extensions

  • Family Rooms

  • Dining Rooms

  • Garden Rooms

  • Studies

Modern Design

Despite their traditional appearance, our Victorian conservatories are designed for modern living. Liniar designs and engineers all roofs for maximum security and weather resistance. The sturdy design of the roof ensures there are no holes or gaps for water ingress. What’s more, all roofs have innovative security features which means they can’t be dissembled from the outside.

Furthermore, the conservatory is designed for A+ standards of thermal efficiency. The thermal twin-walled top caps keep heat inside your conservatory and the multi-chambered uPVC profile ensures that it will be warm in the winter months without the additional heating costs.

Glazing Options

It’s important to think carefully about glazing in conservatory extensions. The type of glazing you choose will make a significant impact on the finished product, whether you want glass panels for greater daylight access and reduced noise, or a polycarbonate roof for protection against sunshine and glare.


Liniar Products

In addition to your Liniar Victorian conservatory, there are an array of customisable options available to match the rest of your property. You can choose bi-fold doors to create a stunning open space or select sliding patio doors to maximise interior space. All products offer a variety of colour options and finishes to suit your tastes and surroundings.

Notes on Victorian Conservatories


  • Victorian conservatories usually increase the value of a property as well as providing you with an enjoyable space all year round.

  • All bespoke installations are designed to meet your individual requirements.

  • We offer a choice of white, coloured, and woodgrain-effect frames to match your preference.

  • Most conservatory installations don’t require planning permission, though we recommend you double-check this.

Other Conservatory Styles

Not sure this is the right conservatory for you? Take a look at the other styles we offer:

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Creating Victorian Conservatories

Our bespoke Victorian conservatory extensions are tailored to suit your property and your needs.

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