Unique Combination Conservatories throughout Southampton and the Surrounding Areas

Want to make the most of your available space? With a combination conservatory designed and fitted by Itchen Glass & Glazing, you can enjoy a perfect bespoke solution. Using industry-leading products from Liniar, our team in Southampton, Hampshire, are ideally placed to combine different conservatory styles and create a truly bespoke home extension to suit your requirements. Get in touch today to arrange a consultation.

Why Combine Conservatory Styles?

Combining two conservatory styles enables you to design a home extension that is both functional and eye-catching. There are a multitude of uses for a combination conservatory, even within the same space. For example, if you want a family room that combines both a dining space and a child’s play area, we’ve got you covered.

When combining conservatory types, the only limits are your imagination. Our flexible designs are totally tailored to your needs and whatever shape your home and garden require. Common types include:

With a wide array of uses, double-hipped conservatories are commonly used for:

P-Shaped Conservatory – Combining Edwardian or Victorian styles, this style extends in different directions, enabling separation into two different areas without taking up too much garden space.
T- or B-Shaped Conservatory – Ideal for larger homes, this style features a central projection in Victorian, Edwardian, or Gable styles, offering the ultimate in flexibility and space.

Combination Roofs

Whatever type of combination you choose, you’ll also get the benefit of the industry-leading Liniar conservatory roof system. Strategically engineered for weather-proofing and energy efficiency, these roofs will keep your property safe from leaks and draughts as well as saving you money on heating your new conservatory.

Furthermore, you have a choice between a glass or polycarbonate roof. Budget, aesthetics, and positioning are all important considerations in this decision, but in general, glass allows a brighter interior with more natural sunlight, while polycarbonate provides great protection from solar glare. Additionally, glass is less noisy during rainfall than polycarbonate.

Windows and Doors

Specialising in glazing, we also supply a wide range of Liniar windows and doors as part of your design. Providing exceptional energy efficiency, our A+ energy-rated window profiles incorporate all the benefits of modern engineering, including low maintenance requirements and a variety of other environmental advantages.

Notes on Combination Conservatories


  • Adding a combination conservatory added to your is home is likely to increase its market value, as well as providing an extra room you can enjoy at any time of year.

  • Conservatories are not usually subject to planning permission, making installation quick and easy – in the unlikely event that permission is required, we will help you through the process.

  • Your conservatory will be designed and built according to your bespoke specification.

  • With various colours and woodgrain-effect options to choose from, you can ensure your conservatory matches your property.

Other Conservatory Styles

Not sure this is the right conservatory for you? Take a look at the other styles we offer:

To take a look at various combinations of conservatory styles, please visit https://www.liniar.co.uk/.

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Combining Conservatory Styles

Designing bespoke home extensions, we provide high-quality combination conservatories.

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