Professional Building Services and Repairs throughout Southampton and the Surrounding Areas

Having trouble with a broken window or door? The experienced team at Itchen Glass & Glazing are on hand to provide reliable building services and repairs throughout Southampton, Hampshire. Specialising in glazing repairs, our glaziers also repair and replace broken mechanisms and hinges and provide adaptations to make your home more energy-efficient. Whatever your needs, our team are here to help, so get in touch today with any enquiries.

Removing Windows

When installing a new window or door system, we can also remove your existing one. We will cut down through render and brickwork to floor level before fitting the new frame. When installation is complete, we will always tidy up and make good inside and out.

Glazing Repairs

Covering windows, doors, and conservatories, our extensive selection of glazing repairs includes:


  • uPVC Window Repairs

  • uPVC Door Repairs

  • Double Glazing Replacements and Repairs

  • Foggy and Misted Glass Replacement

  • Door Alignments

  • Lock Repairs

  • Window Handles

  • Replacement Mechanisms, including uPVC Doors

  • Broken Door Hinges Repairs and Replacements

  • New Door Handles

  • Replacement Door Locks

  • Broken Door Locks, Hinges and Handles Repair and Replacement

  • Replacement Seals and Rubbers

  • Realigning Dropped or Misaligned Doors

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that up to 20% of your home’s heat can be lost through windows? Our team can help you make sure your new windows are as energy-efficient as possible. We find that the frame is the best starting point. As a natural insulator, uPVC is one of the most energy-efficient materials, and Liniar’s multi-chamber design makes it more difficult for heat to escape through windows.

Glazing also plays a huge part in energy efficiency. Double glazing is still the most popular choice, although triple glazing is increasingly popular with our customers. Whether you choose two or three layers of glass, we use low emissivity glass, or “low-E glass”, which reflects heat into your home with an invisible coating.


Developed by Liniar and launched in 2017, EnergyPlus90 is a 90mm lead-free uPVC window and door system, EnergyPlus90 looks and acts like a 70mm system. Certified by Passivhaus, this system is ideal for the commercial market.

With triple benefits of thermal efficiency, PAS24 security, and fantastic noise reduction capability (acoustic values as high as 42 decibels), EnergyPlus 90 UPVC windows and doors are available for our customers throughout Southampton, Hampshire.



  • Passivhaus-Compliant with Laminate Glazing Included

  • U-Values as Low as 0.7 W/m²K with Triple Glazing, Quadruple Glazed as Low as 0.5 W/m²K and a Windows Energy Rating as High as A+40.

  • PAS24:2016 Accredited

  • Secured by Design Accredited

  • Acoustic Values as High as Rw (C;Ctr) = 42 (-2;-6)

  • 9-Chamber Lead-Free uPVC Design

  • Featuring the Patented Liniar Bubble Gasket and Glazing Flipper

  • Utilises Standard Liniar Chamfered and Sculptured Beads and Glazing Platforms

  • 48mm and 56mm Triple Glazing Options

  • Weather-Tested in Excess of BS6375 Parts 1, 2 & 3 – The Highest Standard Achieved

  • Suitable for Use with Heavy-Duty Hinges and Hardware

  • No Steel Reinforcement Required (up to 1500mm Transom/Mullion)

  • Sight Lines, Frame Cover and Clearances Similar to EnergyPlus (Looks and Operates Like a 70mm system)



  • Thermal Efficiency – Window systems that comply with PassivHaus standards via a 9-chamber profile, designed to meet the triple challenge of thermal efficiency, noise reduction, and security

  • Weather Testing – Weather tested to BS 6375 standards, water class E0150 (91mph) 1050PA with a deflection load of 2000Pa (126mph) and a safety load of 3000Pa (155mph)

  • Acoustic Testing – With acoustic values as high as 42 decibels, EnergyPlus90 offers a unique proposition for commercial developers. Note that a standard Liniar double glazed unit achieves a noise reduction of 33 decibels

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Improving Your Glazing

Our building services and repairs restore your property and improve its energy efficiency.

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